Sunday, 29 July 2012

What is RDX?

RDX, widely used as an explosive and as a base charge for detonators,is the British abbreviation for Research Department Explosive or Royal Demolition Explosive . Chemists call it by various names such as cyclo-tri-methylene tri-nitramine, 2,4,6 tri-nitro N-methyl aniline, tetryl, hexa-hydro-1,2,3-trinitro-5-triazine, hexagon, T4 and cyclonite.
             RDX is odourless and so it can not be detected by conventional devices.Unlike other explosive, it carries fuel and oxidiser in the same molecule.On detonation it creates a powerful blast that sends out shock waves.It is used as energy boosting explosive in double base solid propellant where smokelessness is an advantage.
             RDX is prepared by reacting hexamethylene tetramine or its dinitrate salt with nitric acid.The famous Bachman process uses hexamine, nitric acid,ammonium nitrate and acetic anhydride.RDX can be easily moulded into any shape,for example, like a long thread or a sheet, and that is why it comes in handy for terrorists.

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