Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Can vehicle tyres be filled with liquid instead of air?

Vehicles are filled with air to absorb the shocks generated as the vehicle moves on uneven roads, and make the ride comfortable.The shock absorbing capacity is present by the fundamental property of air i.e compressibility - air can be compressed to smaller volumes on application of pressure.

But liquid is not compressible and so if one uses it to fill the tyres, all the shocks generated on the tyres will be completely passed on the vehicle and its passengers will feel the discomfort.In addition liquid filled tyres increase the rolling resistance  of vehicles because of the increase in weight. Hence a part of the engine's power and fuel is wasted in overcoming this resistance.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

What is ozonised mineral water?

Ozone is a blue gas with a relative molar mass of 48 and molecular formula of O3.It converts into oxygen after oxidizing process is complete.Ozone is the ultimate Eco-friendly disinfectant. Like when drinking water is treated with Chlorine (which is found to be highly carcinogenic chemical) ,the residual chlorine is consumed with the water.On the other hand residual ozone,having a half life of only 20 minutes reduces to oxygen, leaving behind pure and safe drinking water.
Another added advantage of using ozone is that it destroys all the micro organisms leaving behind colourless and odourless water.
Ozone generators produce ozone by passing oxygen through electric field.This ozone is bubbled through the water to be treated in a specially designed apparatus with controlled rate of injection.The amount of ozone diffused in water is directly proportional to the contamination of water.